Cable, variable length, double ended, female

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- 1 cable AWG28

- cross section area 0.08 mm^2

- cable of customer selected length between 11cm and 100cm

- 2 female PicoBlade(R) crimp connectors

- connectors assembled (crimped)

- tested for conductivity (functional test)

- tested for tensile strength (hand-tight)

- 3 colors available: white, red, black

- 11cm to 14cm and 16cm to 19cm: 1cm increment

- 22cm to 28cm: 2cm increment

- 35cm to 50cm: 5cm increment

- 50cm to 100cm: 10cm increment

- 10cm, 15cm, 20cm and 30cm length are available in the standard assortment

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